About us

We are a well-established company engaged in the export of all categories of meat cattle for 25 years. We export mainly to European Union countries, but very often outside as well. We purchase cattle throughout the Czech Republic and we have been operating on the market for 25 years, during which time we have gained a lot of experience that we constantly strive to improve meeting the needs of all our business partners. We carry out the transport of livestock in collaboration with well-proven distributors and together we take care of its quality.

What do we do?

We buy all categories of cattle - calves, pledge, slaughter and breeding cattle.

Absorbent calves 14–60 days old

Absorbent calves of all dairy breeds are bought in the old 14–60 days. Hostein calves are exported to European countries in comprehensive collections. We export about 8–10 thousand a year.

Pledge 150–300 kg

We specialize in Simental, Charolais, Limousine breeds, but we buy most breeding cattle breeds. About 3 thousand of cattle we export the heifers throughout Europe every year, most of them to Croatia and Slovenia. Some 1,500 pieces a year are fattened from our business partners and some are exported to Croatia, Slovenia and recently also to Turkey about 6,000-8,000 pieces per year.

Slaughter cattle

Here we focus mainly on Charolais, Limousine and Blonde Aquitan breeds. We export cattle for slaughter to bordering countries such as Austria, Germany, Poland and, to a lesser extent, Italy. Annually we export 3,500 slaughter cows and heifers and 2,500 slaughter bulls, which is 25% of our production.

Breeding cattle

For breeding cattle we mainly buy Holstein and Simmental breeds. We choose how heifers breeding not pregnant with pedigree, as well as heifers pregnant with a pedigree, which we then export throughout Europe, to Turkey, Kazakhstan, Ukraine and Russia additionally.

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